Being a human resources director or senior leader is more than just being busy. You want to grow and develop leaders across the organization. Lift those leaders up. Help them transition from Doers to People Leaders. Foster healthier conversations and more productive teams.

But you wear a lot of hats, and your own development can sometimes get put on the back burner. You don't have time to invest in doing a ton of research or attending university classes but need insight into the latest trends and access to quality resources that will help you support and grow your leaders most effectively.

This membership makes developing more effective people leaders easier (and dare I say fun?!)!  Join the interactive discussion each month as Stacey Larsen, Ed.D. shares the simplest, most powerful approaches to members' top leadership development challenges. Connect with peers, zero in on the topics and methods that best fit your culture and are most worth your energy, and investment, and follow each others' progress as we watch our leaders grow together.


Grow your leaders' awareness and impact more consistently and effectively than big workshops or programs.

In the Leaders of Leaders Membership you'll get:


Beyond the Buzzword Insights

No need to stay on top of every new fad! This 3x a month newsletter boils current research and best practices down into the Domino Habits your leaders need to develop most. Read online or listen to the audio if you're on the go!


Growing People Leaders Masterclass

Join senior leaders and HR professionals who, like you, are committed to growing their leaders on this monthly virtual call. Learn innovative, practical ways to address top leadership development challenges (even if don't have a dedicated learning and development team). Share your experiences and hear theirs. Follow each others' progress as you try new strategies.


Sharable Leadership Bites

Rome wasn't built in a day.  Level up your leaders' people skills one bite at a time. Busy leaders will appreciate you forwarding these simple, high-impact Leadership Bites emails. In just 2 minutes, they'll gain a new perspective on the interactions they have every day and a habit they can immediately put into action to level up their people leadership. 3-4 new bites will arrive in your membership each month!

 Say Goodbye to doing Leadership Development Alone!

✔️Learn, reflect, and connect monthly with others passionate about people leadership. 

✔️Do less, but more consistently.

✔️Learn where best to focus your time and energy to have a greater impact with less effort.

✔️Access quality resources that fit into everyone's busy schedules - yours and your leaders'.

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Need SHRM recertification credits?

(SHRM members receive credit for attending the Monthly Leader of Leader Masterclass LIVE)

Meet Stacey Larsen, Ed.D....

I know from personal experience what it's like to be passionate about developing and supporting leaders while also wearing 5 other hats in the organization. You can be doing all the right things, but you only have so much time and so many hands...

I have specialized for 20+ years in helping small to mid-size companies grow their leaders, feel confident about their leadership development strategy, and navigate change.  in a multitude of fields, 

I tell clients, "I got the doctorate in leadership so you don't have to!" I make complex theory practical and have a passion for cultivating healthy leadership habits and cultures that stick.

This membership is special to me. I wanted to create a leadership development team environment for those who don't have access to share expertise and resources that can make your job easier. To create a community you can learn with and use as a sounding board.

I hope you'll join us!  If you have questions, please be sure to reach out at [email protected].  

How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for you if:

✅You are a senior leader or HR Director.

Have an interest, responsibility, or passion for growing leaders' people skills, but not necessarily a lot of time.

You want a leadership development partner/resource that will help you discover how best to develop leaders on your team or in your org.

You want to work smarter not harder on leadership development.

You aren't sure where to start OR you want to take leadership development to the next level.

You want leaders in your org to see you as a resource and growth partner.

Not for you if:

🚫You are part of an established corporate L & D team that has its set way of doing things

🚫You have it all figured out.

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