2 Ways to Work with Our Coaches 

Bite Size Coaching

Sometimes, a leader just needs a sounding board, a partner to work through how to handle a rocky situation, or coach to help them make a leadership tool or concept their own. 

  • Buy a 3 coaching session package to work through a particular situation or develop a skilll or leadership habit.
  • ADD ON coaching sessions alacarte to our online Courses and Leadership Labs.
  • Purchase an organizational package of coaching sessions so that your leaders can simply "Call a Coach" as sticky issues arise.

You don't need to go it alone!

Save time and increase your effectiveness by leveraging our coaches' expertise.

Coaching Packages

In a no-obligation introductory call, we will help you articulate what you want out of coaching and choose the coaching package elements that best fit your needs.

  • Standard 6 month, 12 month, or custom packages 
  • Virtual or In-Person Coaching with Experienced, Down-to-Earth Coaches 
  • Alignment Meetings to help YOU keep your boss/HR partner (or other key stakeholder) in the loop
  • Assessments like the ShiftPositive360 leveraged where they make sense.

Haven't been coached before? Not exactly sure what you're looking for? No problem!

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What makes us Different?

Authentic Edge coaches are trusted partners. We help senior leaders, new leaders, and all those leaders in the sticky middle.

🥇We specialize in supporting leaders in small and mid-size companies, where values are strong and agility is key. 

🥇Our coaches have graduate degrees. We have personal leadership experience and we teach and supervise coaches. 

🥇We know our stuff, but we're far from stuffy.  Leaders find us easy to talk with.

🥇Our preferred 360 assessment is not the typical strengths, weaknesses, and zingers that leaders dread. Leaders get constructive, actionable feedback and learn how to leverage, repair, and grow relationships with their key stakeholders. 

🥇We grow the leader AND the organization. Ask about our unique process that ensures client confidentiality AND that the organization knows what the leader's coaching goals, progress, and how best to support them.


Talk with Us about Coaching

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What can I expect in working with an Authentic Edge coach?

What our Clients Say... 


"My coach was an excellent listener, gave straight forward actionable advice and had great insight to the root of the real problem."

Senior Analyst

My coach taught me more about succeeding in my field through interpersonal skills than my 8 years of full-time business experience did... The skills I learned from her I use every day and have made a huge difference in my personal brand.

Assistant Director

"I am a better person today internally and externally because of my coach’s help, support, and push."