Find Your Authentic Edge


Let’s get real! Leadership is messy. The complexity of problems, the people, the pace of change - it can all be overwhelming. And it can be lonely.

There are plenty of consultants and trainers who will offer you their formulas for leadership success.

We co-create the solution with you.

We help you find your Authentic Edge - the leadership approach that bests your authentic style the needs of those you serve.

If you love being a leader (even if you temporarily lose sight of this some days!), and you’re up to big things… 

If you long for a trusted partner and confidant to be in the thick of it with you…

If you want to be more effective, to motivate others, to have an impact.

Then check out Authentic Edge – the place for dramatically different leadership development.



Who We Work With

New Leaders

Your smarts, drive and ability to get things done helped you achieve success. We help you attain the growth mindset you need to sustain success in your new role. 


Seasoned Leaders 

All successful leaders all encounter challenges. Whether it’s a difficult employee, feedback that is tough to hear, dysfunctional team dynamics, or organizational change, we help you gain the insights and strategies to be most effective.


Teams who learn together in Authentic Edge programs and retreats gain new perspectives, collaborate more effectively, and develop tools to have greater impact. Whether working with senior leadership to think more strategically or train managers to coach their employees, highly interactive and engaging Authentic Edge programs achieve long-term results.

HR Directors & Business Partners

Work with Authentic Edge to save time and money. We can coach senior executives, train staff, or roll out change initiatives. We will build your internal coaching capacity to increase your influence across the organization. You don’t have to become the expert, work with our experts instead!


My expectations were greatly exceeded. Authentic Edge, you do a great job of challenging people to better themselves!
— Director of Marketing and Technology Firm