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Spring 2023 Check In Challenge

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Weekly calls - one tweak to make to your check ins each week for 6 weeks.
Actionable, game-changing tools & "On the Go" reference cards
A supportive community - ask ?s, share wins, help as you implement

Get ready to feel confident and coach-like in communicating expectations and checking in with your team. You have always intended to empower them. This lab will make that a reality.

It's okay to be skeptical. Learn how to have different conversations with team members and watch as they step up and your level of trust rises.

No need to do anything now other than decide to go for it. The weekly sessions will keep you moving forward.

Leaders have done the challenge rave about the growth they've witnessed and wish they would have had the tools sooner.

and don't forget - this price doesn't just get you 6 weeks with Stacey...you'll have lifetime access to the course content, tools, and discussions.

This 6 Week Check In Challenge begins March 20, 2024.

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What People Are Saying:

This Check in Challenge was and continues to be a GREAT help to me as a manager. The tools and coaching helped me to set goals with my team members, and gave me the confidence to direct my team in the right direction for growth. Stacey's coaching motivated me to continue on this journey with my team. I feel it was definitely worth the investment!

Carol J. , AP Manager